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There are no hidden costs and service and maintenance is included, however, as detailed in our terms and conditions, should you damage the printer or cause the fault, you may be liable to a call out charge and cost of repair.  Standard servicing items are chargeable (such as rollers and consumable items).  There are no engineer charges other than user generated faults or damage.

No you are not committed to buy a certain number of cartridges, however your usage should be in line with what you declared in your application.  If you anticipate your usage changing, let us know as you may require a different machine to suit the change.

Once we have accepted your application and you have approved the printer we propose, it normally takes 5-7 working days to get a printer placed with you.

No you are not committed to signing a lengthy contract. We have models to suit all companies, large and small. You can choose a 30 day contract or a 5 year contract it’s completely up to you.  If you do commit to a longer term, you may be eligible for lower prices on consumables generating higher savings for your organisation.

Of course, if that’s what you want to do.  Here at U-Print we want you to choose your contract or they way that you pay.  Some people use the cost per print fee as a benchmark not taking into account the lease and maintenance charges which are usually lumped on top of the base charges.  If you wish to have a cost per print, flat monthly fee or consumable only plan with zero commitment or a longer term secured cost, just ask!

The only difference is cost.  The efficiency of the toner is exactly the same as OEM toners (98%), quality of print is identical as all components are chemically matched unlike the cheaper compatibles which have poorer quality and can actually damage your device.  We genuinely believe that you will not be able to notice the difference, what you will notice is that you will have saved a minimum of 30% on OEM products!


Yes. Our re-manufactured products are completely carbon neutral with a greatly reduced impact on the environment.  Not only are you saving money, you are doing your bit to save the planet!