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5 brilliant business benefits of switching to cloud printing


Is your business still tied to a cable network when you need to print documents? Moving to cloud-based printer solutions could not only help you boost business productivity and growth, but also help you to save money in some key areas.

So how can a simple switch to cloud printing help you to do that? Cloud printer management is a truly wireless way to work, utilising the power of the internet to pair digitally-connected devices to your printer, allowing you and your team to print from any device on any network.

Here are five ways switching to cloud printing could help you grow and save you money:

1: Cloud printing is easy to manage

Have the right printer solutions complemented by the right software and everything can be managed and maintained on a browser. Having easy-to-access printer infrastructure through the
cloud saves time, and does away with costly and constant maintenance from the IT department.
Updates can be scheduled automatically and in real-time, taking the weight of printer management from your shoulders.

2: It lowers overall printing costs

As well as heavily reducing maintenance costs, cloud printer solutions can also help businesses to save money in other ways. Turning to cloud printing allows companies to print on-demand; not only does that lower overall printing costs but also negates the need to constantly invest in new hardware and software. New cloud-based printing services help document-heavy industries save
massively on printing costs.

3: Greater agility for workers

Saving time is one of the greatest benefits of printing through the cloud. What would you rather your employees do; take time out of their day to find the right printer cable, download new printer drivers and connect to the right networks, or simply click a button from any device to print, allowing them to move onto the next task? The simplicity of cloud printer management makes workers more agile, and also means they can print from any connected device such as a smartphone.

4: Customise your groups

To expand on that, maintaining cloud printing online also allows you to be creative when it comes to printer management. You can create specific printer groups and define rules flexibly; for instance, certain groups could always have mandatory duplex printing while other groups could be set with page limits – the latter can be incredibly useful for schools that are trying to cap overly-excessive printing from students.

5: A greener way to print

Setting caps for students is just one way cloud printer management can help cut your carbon footprint. Cloud printing can help to reduce the overall amount of waste generated, lower carbon
emissions from transporting documents thanks to sharing resources through the cloud, and more. Not only can cloud printer management accelerate business growth, but it can also be friendlier on the environment.

Want to know more about the incredible benefits of cloud printing? The UPRINT team is here to help modernise your office’s printer solutions; contact us today to find out more!

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