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How recycling your ink and toner cartridges can help save the environment


Printer management can be a complex process at times, especially if you’re part of a larger organisation that needs to keep a constant eye on your printer hierarchy.

So much so that people can often overlook the part played by their ink and toner cartridges. Obviously, their role is crucial; you can’t print anything off without them, and once they’ve run out of ink then they’re thrown in the bin and replaced.

Only, you may be doing more harm than good with that routine. Not only does throwing away old ink and toner cartridges damage the environment, but it could also be hitting you hard financially.

If you embrace cartridge recycling as part of your wider printer solutions though, you won’t only be helping your business to cut costs, but you’ll be cutting your overall carbon footprint, too.

Why you should consider toner and cartridge recycling

It’s a sad truth that not many people realise they can even recycle their ink or toner cartridges.

So many other parts of the printer management process come first; working with a specialist company though can help take the weight off your shoulders and save you both time and reduce
your wider carbon footprint.

UPRINT can help you do that, providing printer solutions including cartridge and toner recycling services for your business. But how exactly is recycling beneficial for your budget and the wider planet?

  • Getting your money’s worth: Did you know that you can use a typical ink cartridge more than once? They’re robust pieces of kit; a cartridge can be refilled and reused up to six times
    before it becomes redundant, and doing so with the right printer management company can be cheaper than investing in brand new cartridges every time. That’s also good for the
    environment, as it reduces the number of cartridges your company throws into landfill.
  • Throwing it all away: The longer you use your cartridges and toners through recycling, the more grateful the planet will be. The UK throws away approximately 45 million cartridges a
    year, while globally that number stands at 375 million. Worldwide that equates to around 11 cartridges a second thrown away – a million cartridges a day thrown straight into the bin is
    straight up poor printer management…
  • Don’t ravage our resources: It’s mind-boggling just how much energy and raw materials go into the creation of ink and toner cartridges. It can take a whole gallon of oil just to create a
    single laser cartridge, for instance, while creating a single brand-new ink cartridge can also waste around 8kg of CO2. Cartridges and toners can take an age to decompose as well; some
    components can take more than 1,000 years to fully break down.

Working with a specialist in providing printer solutions can help you to reduce your business’s carbon footprint though, and provide you with a greener and cleaner printer infrastructure.

Want to work with a printer management service that saves you money and helps the environment? Speak to UPRINT today to find out more!

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