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Why buy a colour or
mono laser printer when
you can have one for FREE?
Yes thatís right - a FREE printer!

U-PRINT will give you a colour or mono printer when you register for our fantastic new deal.

Sounds too good to be true
so whatís the catch?

There really isn't a catch -
all you have to do is purchase your replacement
consumables from U PRINT it's that simple!

Now it's sounding really interesting!

What do I do next?

Whether you're a small business looking for the best deal or a company with lots of printers, all you need to do is simply register your details .

We'll get back to you and advise the best printer to suit your needs based on the information you tell us at registration. Easy so far?

Okay, sounds fantastic.

After I register how long does it take?

In most cases, just a few days. We'll arrange delivery and even install and set-up your printer for you.
That's all there is to it. You'll enjoy trouble-free, cost effective printing, knowing that help is always on the end of the phone if you ever need it.
We also guarantee that our consumables will be a minimum of 40% cheaper than the OEM equivalent while helping to save the environment.

What are you waiting for?
You need never buy another printer again!

U Print